Giving Thanks

In the spirit of today’s holiday, I’d like to take my moment to express some gratitute:

I’m truly grateful for the supportive people in my life who have shown me varying forms of help during this past year of struggling to get better. I’m also grateful for being exposed to new, healthier, and more authentic perceptions of food and the virtual and 3D communities of people advocating such paradigms. Lastly, I’m grateful for my body’s ability to heal. Sometimes it feels like I’m just a chronically dysfunctional person, but I know that my body isn’t something to take for granted, and that I am lucky to have as much of it working as well as it does.

I personally have never been a big fan of a holiday celebrating cruelty and overindulgence; I’ve always felt that Thanksgiving should be a time when people eat less and give more to reverb some gratitute to the universe. Regardless, in spite of my body’s fluctuating ability to properly digest food, I wanted to be able to eat Thanksgiving-esque foods within the parameters of my diet. Here’s what I ate:

On the right is mashed cauliflower. It is pleasantly and surprisingly close to mashed potatoes in both taste and texture. I sauted onions, garlic, scallions in safflower oil. Then I  steamed the cauliflower for 5 minutes. I mashed the cauliflower and spices in a blender with the help of  a bit of water. I topped it with plenty o’ butter, salt, and pepper at the end. It was delicious.

In the middle is a twice baked sweet potato. The sweet potato is a gem of a treat that I hadn’t had in several weeks; I was saving it for Thanksgiving. My boyfriend and I got a good deal on some beautiful organic ones, and we picked them out based on which shapes would lend themselves best for the twice-baked recipe.

We put them in a 400 degree oven for about an hour until they were tender. After cutting off the top, we scooped out the insides to form a bowl. The insides were blended with butter and cinnamon in the food processor. Then they were put back into the ‘bowls’ which were put back in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. They were great.

And on the left is some plain old yummy baby spinach. I ended my meal with a few pecans and some soaked fennel seeds. Yum!

I would have eaten some turkey, but I don’t feel physically or psychologically ready for it. I have some work to do before my body can handle meat: this topic can be discussed further in another post. But I had a bunch of eggs for breakfast, so the day had some protein in it too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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