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  • I got myself a copy of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale. She traveled to places where back pain is scarce (guh?) and studied how they move in their daily lives: it turns out they had no cultural influences encouraging slouching, tucking the pelvis in, or exaggerating the lumbar curvature of the spine. After reading the intro and skimming it, I already feel much more aware of the ways in which I involuntarily misplace my spine, neck, and shoulders. It’s a detailed, compelling, and relevant book to anyone with a spine. There are many pictures, but luckily there are some videos on youtube and free online classes that should help me develop an important habit.
  • Also, in an attempt to stimulate my Vagus nerve and reduce the physical and hormonal effects of stress, I’ve been trying to get in the habit of doing some deep breathing every day. ┬áIt feels like I’m un-learning/re-learning all those basic things you’re supposed to learn as a child: how to eat, sit, lie, stand, breathe, etc. It also feels like I didn’t learn much of value in school.
  • I discovered kohlrabi: it’s a nutritious, delicious vegetable that you don’t see often in recipes or on shelves. It’s like a green beet, but only mildly sweet with a hint of a broccoli and potato-type of a flavor. It’s dense, but not excessively starchy. It’s also said to be helpful against Candida. I chop it, steam it, peel it, and flavor it with butter, salt, and pepper. It’s great. I’d bet I could make them like mashed “potatoes.” too.
  • I finally made an appointment with a doctor, who, based on my gut instinct, would be somewhat less “by the book” when it comes to interpreting lab results. We went over my symptoms, and he said that people with hypothyroidism often have all the manifestations of it while still testing in range. I was glad to hear this; it shows that he has some understanding of the complexity of hormonal function.
  • Consequently, I should be getting detailed blood test results in the near future, and he said he might put me on a low dosage of hormones to see what helps. Hopefully the blood tests, his intelligence, and my reading up on websites like this will help me ascertain the root cause and move in the right direction.